One Good Turn Publishing



Here is what it can cover for both face-to-face meetings and on-line correspondence:

The first consultation is free. This can involve: planning what you want me to do for you, or me reading your short story of up to 5K or first 3 chapters of your novel, to see if it’s any good.

I will look at all children’s fiction (picture book to young adult)

Further consultations and planning = £20 an hour

Editing Package 1 (includes typing, 3 edits and meeting up to discuss what has been done)

(NB: Typing is only for stories up to 3K)

Picture Book texts up to 1K = £100

Up to 3K/First 3 chapters = £160

(Including typing) = £200

Up to 10K = £300

Up to 50K = £500

Proof reading as a separate item

Up to 3K/First 3 chapters = £40

Up to 10K = £100

Up to 50K = £450

Via Email

Consultations and planning = £20

Editing Package 1 (as above but also includes printing out work)

Up to 3K/First 3 Chapters = £180

Up to 10K = £270

Up to 50K = £500

Please note that I am not a professional editor. Once I am happy with what we have worked on, I will recommend sending it to a professional editor, maybe my own. All my edits are what I have learnt over the years from reading fiction, reading how-to books, and comments from my own editor.

Author Platform Package

(Includes writing blurb, synopsis, front and back pages. Cover design. I can read your ms for you to help you write the blurb and synopsis and choose a suitable cover. I can help you research covers, stock image websites and cover designers for you and possibly email the designer with your idea. Setting up and writing blogs and social media. I can set up basic accounts for you, but you will have to add the personal details.

Whole package = £100 for each book

Publishing Package

(Putting all the pages of the book together to look like a book. We will need a USB stick. Formatting. Registering with all the e-retailers and distributors. Uploading your work to the websites. I can enter basic personal information but you will have to add your own bank details).

Up to 10K = £150

Up to 50K = £350

From POD to Ebook Package (for both adult and children’s fiction)

If you have published a POD version your book only, then I can help with how to publish it as an ebook.

Up to 10K = £100

Up to 50K = £400

I am interested in having repeat clients so I can nurture the writer over a series of books and help them improve. I will only work with selective clients who 1) Trust and respect me 2) Trust and respect my Asperger’s Syndrome 3) Respect what I charge 4) Will put the work in for their ms 5) Respect what I do for them 6) If I need help then I will ask for it.

I live in SE London (London Borough of Lewisham). Due to health issues I can only travel within a certain distance from home for face-to-face 1:1s, and with those of you I know personally.

My business hours are: Monday – Friday 10 am to 4pm (excluding holidays)

Terms and conditions for payment: 1) Payment is expected on the day and before I do the work. 2) I appreciate punctuality, and would like it if you arrived on time or at least within 20 minutes after our allotted time. If you can’t make it, please give me 24 hours notice in advance.

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