Why I have set up this marketing website

So, why have I set up this new marketing website to help new authors get discovered? Well, it started last year shortly after I became an affiliate marketer. After a while of being an affiliate marketer, I was becoming known on-line to that community. When new marketers started joining the company I am with and started asking questions about how to do various things such as finding leads, I began answering them and helping them. I found that I liked doing this; helping others get on with their own businesses. Then earlier this year, I started giving talks at a local library about publishing ebooks and discovered that there are other writers out there who are new to the world of ebook publishing and wanted help. I also found I enjoyed helping these people. There was a third thing that made the decision – a few months ago I had a phone coaching session with Rebecca Woodhead. During that, knowing I am an author too, she challenged me to write 10 guides on things that I had learnt over the last year and make them in PDFs to sell. I was going to do this on my affiliate marketing blog, then thought, I can combine the talks and the guides into one website. And this is the website – Get Discovered with Julie Day. So that is how this website has come about.

I plan to blog tips now and then about marketing eg blogs, websites, lists etc. I also plan to put up on here various guides for direct sale. The first one will about all about writing letters and tips to magazines and get paid for them. I am currently putting the finishing touches to that, and once I am happy at how it looks on my Kindle, I will put it on here.

So, happy reading and hope that I help you in some way.

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