How to get discovered – write

One of the talks and guides I will be doing next year will be about how to get discovered. I have been reading an ebook called ‘Discoverability’ by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, which is very interesting reading. You should only buy this ebook if you have published more than one book, and at least a few. One of the things she had said a few times in the ebook, and I’ve read often before from other authors, is the main way to get discovered is to write. Write, write and write more. So here are my tips for you on what I think:

1. I agree. Write, write and write more. You won’t get discovered by readers if you only write and publish one book. Imagine yourself as a reader. You find this author who has written a great book. You wonder, have they published anything else? Will they publish anything else? When you find out they haven’t got any more books out and won’t, how will you feel? Disappointed, I bet. This is why I have written and published more than one, and will do more.

2. Write a series. Readers love series. Even as an adult, I love series. Don’t you like to read books with the same characters in and follow them through? This is one reason why I have written a few series. My YA fantasy series called ‘The Guardian Angels’, the mermaid trilogy, and for adults ‘Geraldine’s Gems’. Oh yes, there is the series of short stories called ‘Secrets of Singleton’. I write and publish them, in the hope to get readers to like one and buy the rest. Don’t know if it has worked yet, but time will tell.

3. So think what you read as a child. I know I loved reading series when I was a child. From Mr Men, to Noddy, to Famous Five, to Chalet School, and now as an adult I love reading Nora Roberts (esp her trilogies) and Debbie Macomber. How about you?

So, if you are an author, esp an indie author, write, write and write more. If you have an idea for one, write a series. Or even a set of ebooks linked to each other.

Let me know if you have done this and how it has worked for you.


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