How to create a business plan – Step 3

This is a step you don’t have to do but I think it’s a good idea, esp if you want to do a plan for more than one year, which I think I will be doing. I got this idea from an ebook I’ve just read by Ryan Petty called ‘Write Livelihood – How to create a business plan…’ Want to make your writing into a business? Then read this book. This step is all about writing down an inventory of your works (assets). As I write for both adults and children, and now write short stories for women’s magazines, I am going to just put down my inventory of ideas for children’s books. Here goes:

To complete: 1 x YA fantasy – Guardian Angels series, to conclude the series; 1 x mermaid, again to complete the trilogy. 3 more in my Asperkids magical school series. I want to start publishing the first two this year. School of Knowledge series (to be retitled The Green Goddeses) Rosie, Allie and Georgina.

Ideas for series to write: Crystal Healers (5), Climate Chronicles, another mermaid series called ‘The Water Warriors’. More about children with Asperger’s, those who don’t talk but can when they communicate with nature eg birds, bees and flowers.

Lots of notes with ideas for children’s books and stories, all in a folder.

So, why not have a go at what you have yet to complete, write and ideas you have. You might surprise yourself at how many things you have hidden away. I know I did.


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