Why you need a professional editor

So here is my post on why you need your work to get professionally edited. I have always had my ebooks professionally edited as I know there are bound to be errors somewhere in them that I can’t see, and that readers might pick up on.

1. As the author of the book, you are too close to the work to see more errors. No matter how many self-edits you do, you will miss something.

2. Unless you work for a living as a professional editor of fiction and books, then it is advisable to get your work edited.

3. Readers are bound to spot an error, even if you haven’t. And if that reader does, do  you think they will buy your next ebook? Possibly not. And that is something you don’t want to happen. You want readers to stick with you.

4. Lastly, I know of at least one traditional indie publisher who prefers authors to get their ms professionally edited before submitting to them.

So, if you are an indie author, it is v important to get your work professionally edited. BTW, an edit isn’t the same as a proof read. Edits look at structure, plot, characters, consistencies, while a proof read is ensuring that it reads OK and looks at spelling and grammar.

I am here to help you if you want it.

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