Where to find professional editors

So, last post I wrote that you should get your work professionally edited, esp if you are an indie author, and the reasons why. You will find this post under the ‘Blogs’ page. Here are where you can find some:

Writing Magazine – they advertise a few of them, including my one, Dr Hilary Johnson. You can either buy it from a shop such as Sainsbury’s or subscribe to it. Tip: if you subscribe to it, you also get its sister magazine called ‘Writer’s News’ which is full of markets for fiction and non-fiction as well as author success stories.

Writers’ Forum magazine – also advertise a few of them. Look near the back of the magazine. This you can also buy or subscribe to. They have competitions at the back.

Google – Google ‘professional editors’ or ‘critique services’.

Writer’s Guide to Epublishing blog – search for editing, and it comes up with a ‘Go-to’ list

Alliance of Independent Authors – I believe they have produced a book of author services inc editors

Writer’s and Artists Year Book

Writer’s Market Book (US)

Both of the magazines above are all for indie authors not just traditionally published.

If you would like a handout of links to editors and services that I had made for my talks, then I can give it to you as a freebie, if you join my mailing list at

http://forms.aweber.com/form/25/1466306025.htm.   This is includes links to services for cover designs and formatting.

Not only will you get freebies to help you get writing and marketing, but extra tips and news about what I am up to.


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