What is a platform?

When I say platform, I mean an author platform, not one you get at a station. I shall apologise in advance if I am teaching you what you already know, but I decided to do this post after a new writer asked me this at my last talk. So, I realised that not everyone knows what it is. Here is my explanation.  An author platform is somewhere you can tell others who you are, what you are doing and up to. So, it can be a blog or website, like this, social media sites such as Facebook.  Another way to think of it is if you are a singer, your most likely platform is the stage.  I have a platform on my blogs, websites and social media sites.

It is a good idea to build your platform to start with, usually with a blog, and keep working on it and letting people know you are out there. That is the first step to being discovered. If you start blogging about the book you are writing, it can give readers an appetite to what is to come, and when the book is finally completed and published, they are keen to buy the whole thing (one hopes).

So, that is a platform for you.

If you have trouble setting goals for your writing, why not get my free goal setting planner, which you can do from the ‘About’ page on this site.


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