How I chose my professional editor

There are different ways that you can find a professional editor. I chose mine because I know her through the Romantic Novelists’ Association I belong to as she is also a member, I’ve heard her give a talk and know that a few fellow members have used her services, too, and had got good reports from her. This is one way you can find an editor or service. If you belong to a writing organisation like I do, then you can find one through them. My editor is Dr Hilary Johnson of Hilary Johnson’s Author’s Advisory Service. Her address is

There are adverts in both Writing Magazine and Writer’s Forum magazine promoting editing/critiquing services, inc my editor.

Or you can Google ‘professional editors’ or ‘critiquing services’ to find one.

Always make sure you check out their credentials, usually on their websites, before you send your work to them. I know that you can send a sample to some to see what their service is like. You should also check what work they do before sending, as I know some editors/services only give feedback on certain fiction or non-fiction. Some might do children’s books only, others only certain genres and not others.

Next post, in two weeks time, I shall write about how I found my cover designer.


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