Back to basics – the blurb

I am going to start with the basics of what you need to publish an ebook. If you already know these, I apologise in advance, but I do know that some people don’t know this. I am starting with – the blurb.

What is the blurb? it is what you read on the back of a printed book. It is a couple of paragraphs telling the bare bones of the story, and it does not reveal the ending. Really it is a teaser for the reader.

Here is an example of one of my blurbs:

Blurb for ‘The Racing Angel’ Book 2 in my ‘Guardian Angels’ series.

When a car race goes terribly wrong and seventeen–year-old Danny Usborne crashes into a wall, he dies and becomes a lost angel. He’s then sent back to Earth to prevent another teenager from doing a foolish act and ending up like him. With persuasion and newly-found powers of transportation, Danny passes his test and becomes a trainee guardian angel.

Yes, it does reveal the ending, but it doesn’t tell the reader how he passes the test and what happens.

I think I might have to rewrite these at some point to tease the reader more.

Next time I will post about the synopsis.


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