Back to basics – the synopsis

The synopsis is more detailed and longer than the blurb. It is usually a page long, but I have heard of traditional publishers wanting up to 5 pages for a synopsis. It gives the bare bones of the story, mentioning the highs and lows of what happens to the main character, and it does request you to write the ending to your story. Whereas you will see the blurb on the back of a book, you won’t with the synopsis as that is what is sent to the publisher/agent.

Here is an example of one of mine, from my second book in the ‘Guardian Angel’ series, ‘The Racing Angel’.

Seventeen-year-old Danny Usborne is killed on his motorbike when a race against his mate’s car goes wrong. Danny then finds himself in the School for Lost Angels. Here he meets teacher, Richard, who sends him back to Earth to stop teenager Cassandra from crashing her mum’s car on a joyride, and possible causing injury or worse. With persuasion and newly found magical abilities, Danny manages to prevent Cassandra from doing anything stupid. Back at the School, Danny is told he has passed his first test, and he has got Cass and her mum talking. Then he sees that the school is like him, magical. He then meets Lizzie, who recognises him from her test. The school’s purpose is explained to Danny and he is told that both him and Lizzie now have to pass their pair test. Then he finds he has started to grow wings. Danny can’t wait to do his next text, with his wings and powers.

It mentions the main character, Danny; what his problem is, persuading her to not joyride her mum’s car; the resolution, he gets Cass talking to her mum again; the finale, Danny realises he is in a magical school for angels and that he has powers.

I hope that helps with writing your synopsis.

Next post will be more writing specific for new writers: show don’t tell and what that means.

If you want help with your writing, be it your story, blurb or synopsis or all three, then I can help as part of my 1-2-1 author service. Check the page out for the prices.


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