5 reasons why I am a good ebook and writing coach

Since I started my 1-2-1 author service helping new authors get on with their writing, improve their writing and help them put their work together as an ebook, I believe I am a good ebook and writing coach. Here are my 5 reasons why:

1. I am an avid reader, so can spot errors. I have been reading books since I was a child. I read both fiction and non-fiction, and as a writer, I find I can spot mistakes (usually grammar, punctuation and spelling) in books.

2. I am learning how to improve my own writing from my own editor by the edits she does for my own ebooks. This helps me learn to how to help new authors improve their work. Since I became a writer, I have learnt a lot about English and verbs eg practice and practise.

3. I am good at spelling. It was the one thing I was good at in school. There were the odd tricky words such as incomparable that I sometimes got wrong. Lol

4. I am currently reading a book on grammar and style. Eg who v whom. I intend to read a few more to help myself and my clients.

5. As I have mentioned before, I am an Amazon ‘Free’ bestseller. I’ve published 13 short ebooks so far.

So if you want help to improve your writing or your ms, or help with putting your ms together as an ebook, do check out my website www.hopewithjulie.wordpress.com and look at the 1-2-1 author service page to see how I can help.


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