Business tip – Keep an eye on your bank account

I am going to start a series about tips for your business. The first one is one that I will say is essential, as I know from personal experience. Keep an eye on your bank account. If you have an on-line account, like I do, check it daily. I didn’t check mine for a few days and when I did, a couple of weeks ago, found a payment had gone through I had no idea about. I was a victim of debit card fraud. I checked the website the payment was for, and it was a site for bar necessities eg glasses, stools etc. Something I wouldn’t have any need of as I don’t drink. I immediately phoned my bank and got through to the debit fraud team. I had to give my bank details to them, and they cancelled my card there and then, and sent me a new one, which I got a few days later. The money was refunded to my account the next day. So check your account regularly. If you see something odd on there, contact your bank asap.

This is the reason why I have now closed my Aweber account, which had my subscriber lists on. The fraudulent payment was done by an overseas company, it had extra fees on it, and so does the Aweber account. I will be setting up another subscriber account but with Mailchimp, which is free.

If you were on one of my lists, and would like to be on a new one from me and get news and tips about writing and business ideas, then let me know and I will make a note of your name.



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