Business tip – Simplify your life

Running a business, be it being an indie author, coaching service or trade business, doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t have to be expensive. There are ways you can simplify your life and your bank balance, and the one way I know is to find packages that you can use that are free. Here are a couple of examples:

1. Most people use Word for typing up documents, but this can cost. It doesn’t have to. I use Libre office software, which is free. When I have finished my document, I save it as a Word document. Job done. I have had no problems doing this when I have to send email attachments to my editor or uploading to eretailers.

2. Newsletters: There are a few packages out there. I had been using Aweber until recently when I became a victim of card fraud. Aweber costed about £13 a month. There are other choices out there that don’t cost, the main one I know of is Mailchimp, which is free to use to up to 2000 subscribers. When I get the time, I will register with them and start using them to send out my newsletters to my readers and writing clients.

3. Magazine subscriptions: This isn’t free but a cheaper way. I subscribe to two writing magazines. I can buy both of them in the shops (although one of them, Writing Magazine has an extra section in it which you don’t get in the shops), but it does prove cheaper to subscribe to them instead of buying them. And I think you get a gift when you subscribe. This usually applies to most magazines you can subscribe to. So if you buy a magazine regularly, check if it works out to be cheaper to subscribe to it than buying it each time.

Those are the three main ways that you can simplify your life and business, esp if you are a writer like me.



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