Business tip – Reward your loyal customers

This is a tip that I got from Clare Mitchell, Founder of The Girls Mean Business. She helps busy women who have children and are trying to run a business. I’m not a mum but am busy, and have found her podcasts v useful and helpful for my author service biz. This tip is one that I have started rolling out already. She said to treat existing customers. In one podcast she mentioned about doing a loyalty card like trade businesses do. My hairdresser does one. When I have a certain number of haircuts, I will get a free manicure or hair cut. I thought this was a good idea, so today I have created my first loyalty card with a hand-drawn angel on, and inside will be the loyalty points scheme. I have already rewarded one of my clients with a free gift of stationery for being a super client. Any of my clients will now get a hand-made card from me, and if they work with me for 5 paid sessions they will get a free gift. The second part of the loyalty scheme is for referrals, another suggestions by Clare. If a client refers someone to me for my help in their writing and I take them on paid, they will get one point towards another free gift. The free gifts will be according to the client’s writing skills eg stationery, reference book or fiction book up to a specific price.

So, if you would like to become an author client of mine and get a loyalty card, currently working on an on-line version, then check out the website to see what I do. That is a work-in-progress, too, as I am going to change the service so that it is divided into packages for various writing services.


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