Business tip – Treat yourself occasionally

In my last post I said it is good to reward your loyal customers. So, I think it is even better to treat yourself now and then, too. You have been working hard in your business, be it working with clients, selling items, or writing a book. If you have reached a milestone, say you have finished writing half of your book and feel you are getting somewhere with it, why not treat yourself. It could be something writing related, or non-writing related such as sweets, biccies. I treat myself every week to The People’s Friend magazine. I buy it for market research mainly. I want to be published in the magazine with short stories, so read it to see what they publish and what is successful. The other day I bought myself a new concertina file. The one I had all my short story info in was bursting, and the file hasn’t got a proper base to it so kept falling over. I transferred the info to the new file yesterday. I will use the old one for something else when I find space in my cupboards for it.

So, have you reached a milestone in your business or writing life? Why not treat yourself as a reward for it.


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