Do you know about this added income stream?

Do you write letters, articles or stories for magazines in the UK? If you do, you can have an added income stream. How? There is a society called the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS), which collects photocopying royalties for authors each year, and they distribute it to authors every March. I first heard  about it several years ago at a talk. At the time I had been writing articles and stories for small press magazines, both had a number on the front cover called an ISSN (all magazines have this). The website to register is (the members’ area is currently under maintenance and can’t be accessed). To submit a piece of writing, it has to have been published in a British magazine within the last 5 years. You will need the ISSN, the word count of the piece, title of the magazine, year of the magazine, and if you were the sole author of the piece. I have received a good sum each year since I’ve been a member, although this year was the lowest amount I’ve got so far. I have heard that the more pieces you get published and submit, the more royalties you can get. Your fees are taken out of the first year’s payment.

So if you write stories etc for a magazine with an ISSN and you’re not a member of ALCS, join now. I actually wrote a short letter to Writing Magazine about this following an article about it in a previous magazine, and it was published. Yet to submit it, but will do once I can log-in to the site.


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