September news

Thought I would post about my news this month. All good. Firstly, I had a letter published in the current issue of Writer’s Forum magazine about being inspired to enter the People’s Friend serial writing competition after reading their interview with the Fiction Editor. I don’t get any money from it but the kudos is there, and I can submit it to the ALCS (last post). Then Saturday just gone I was reading Facebook updates when I went into a group I belong to for womag writers and saw that someone had posted that my letter in WF had been noticed on the People’s Friend Fiction blog. I went there and checked it out. I’m not mentioned by name, but if you had already known it was me then you knew. I knew. They say things comes in threes, and they did for me. I got home from the RNA chapter meeting in Holborn on Saturday afternoon to find I had a letter in the post. I opened it to find I had got a letter from Amateur Gardening magazine congratulating me on my letter which will be printed in the 26 Sept issue (out today). I won a £10 garden voucher for that. All these little things add up, and can look good on a writing cv.

Oh yes, yesterday I received in the post my ms critiqued by someone in the RNA. There are lots of things to change and take out, but it was a good report as they said the story title and the story in general was perfect for a My Weekly Pocket Novel, which I am aiming it for. Brimming with ideas already.

So, never give up. Things come to those who wait.


One thought on “September news

  1. Hi, das ist aber ein toller Artikel! Wir haben für unsere Kinder mehrere Kinderthermometer ständig parat!
    Eines mit dem man im Po erfassen kann & 1 anderes zum erfassen im Hörorgan! Dies eignet sich vor allem fein, für den Fall,
    dass meine Wenigkeit die Temperatur unkompliziert einmal messen möchte – Auch wenn sie schlafen. Hier reichen Ohrthermometer vollkommen aus u.
    erfassen meiner Bewertung nach zudem ganz erfreulich.


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