Why I do my author service

I thought I’d post about why I do my author service. It mainly started last year when I did talks about ebook publishing and being an indie author at a local library. Over the course of a year, I was surprised to see that there are still new writers out there who don’t know much about writing and publishing ebooks. I enjoyed giving the talks and sharing my knowledge of what I’d learnt about writing and epublishing over the years. Then this year I finally told a new writer who I’d met at one of my talks that I’d help him with his story. I have found that I like helping others, esp with writing which I love doing myself. I like helping authors get the vision for their stories and improve it. I have been editing two short stories for this client; an adult thriller and now a picture book for children. I see potential in both and want to help my client improve them and get them out there for readers to see. I like giving ideas to people to create characters and series, which I have done so far.

So, if you need help with getting vision for your stories; either children or adult (I don’t mind either as I now like working on picture books and doing the research needed for it), then check out the page on this blog about what I offer and can do for writers.

If you just want tips and tricks to help your writing, and places you can send your story to earn money, then why not sign up to my newsletter at  http://eepurl.com/bwuQav


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