Research, research, research

Today I am going to say to you, Do your research. What do I mean?  Well, whatever story/ms you are working on you are bound to need to know something. Here are a couple of examples that I am doing to help my writing.

1. One of my clients has written a children’s story suitable for a picture book. I don’t know anything about picture books as I mainly write for older children. So, I have downloaded and bought a few children’s picture ebooks, and I am going to read about how to work on one. I need to do this so I know that the length of the story is ideal for that market. I have also sent queries out to illustrators for drawing the cover for the ebook, something I don’t know how much it will cost. I know now.

2. I also write short stories for women’s magazines (not successful yet). To help me understand what each magazine likes, I buy the relevant magazines and their specials so I know. You need to do this to find out what they like and if their tastes in stories change.

So, if you write say historical fiction, research the period you are writing about. Next year I am going to attempt to write historical romance, a genre I haven’t written before. I tried earlier this year, only to realise I needed to research the era more. Up until now I have called myself a lazy writer, not wanting to do too much research, but this period in history has interested me, so want to do the research. (Just got an idea for another post about research).   I am having fun researching for my client and for my own writing. So have fun with your research.

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