Research – the ways and means

I am writing again about research, but this time the ways you can research for your writing. Here we go:

1. The internet. There are so many websites you can check for various things you need to know. Also, Facebook groups. I have found the latter very useful recently. I needed to know what teenage children call others their own age. So, I asked a question on a children’s writer group I am a member of and got the answer. It was guys or boys and girls.

2. Books. From libraries, shops and off the net. This is a better source of research because the topic would have been written by an expert on that subject so more authentic. I have asked my brother to buy me a couple of books about writing historical fiction for my birthday. And will buy more for myself later on when I come to write it.

3. Talks. If you belong to an organisation, you can go to talks held by them. They usually are given by experts in the fields. Also, talks given on tours in historical places eg castles, buildings.

4. Re-enactment. If you are into that sort of thing, it is a good idea to do this so you get the real feel with wearing the clothes of that era, how they felt, how things worked.

5. Tools. Can go with re-enactment. You can see and feel how it was using tools of that period. Then you can describe them accurately.

So, have fun with research. There are lots of ways to go about it and find what you might need to know.


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