Coming next year – Writing exercise workbook

I might have mentioned on here before that I am working on a writing exercise ebook. Well, I am still writing the exercises but it has slightly changed. It is now going to be a workbook. The plan now is to split it into months, and in those months have 5 exercises each with a special goal at the end. Each month will have a bonus question related to that genre of exercises, but to access those bonus ones, you will have to be signed up to my newsletter as I’ve decided not to put any more on here. Each exercise will have a blank page or two after it for writers to complete the exercise.

How far have I got? Well, I feel I have now completed the adult genres, and next is to start the children’s writing genres. I will enjoy those ones as I like writing for children myself, and one of my clients currently writes for children. I plan to finish it all next year. I am planning to publish it as an ebook and in print and see how it goes from there, as I have a few more workbooks in mind to do.

So, if you wish to know when this workbook comes out, want to get a sneak preview of the bonus questions along with other writing tips and tricks, then why not sign up to my newsletter at


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