Why I now help children’s authors

When I first started out my author client business I helped all new authors with their work, but that has now changed. How? Why? Here is why.

A few months ago my client and I both worked out that he liked writing for children more than adults. He found it easier. Over this period of helping him with his picture book series, I came to realise something about my own writing; I too liked writing for children more than adults. So, I have now decided that because writing for children is my forte and I enjoy that more, I will enjoy helping new children’s authors more than those who write adult fiction. I can relate to them better when I help them get ideas for their stories. So, from this year onwards, I will only be helping new children’s authors with editing, researching, finding cover images and then publishing. For authors who write adult fiction, I will be helping them with publishing their mss as ebooks only.

What about the blog and the newsletters? Those will still be geared towards all new authors, esp indie ones, with perhaps more ideas and exercises for children’s authors.

So, if you are a new children’s author and want personal help with an idea for a story or series, then check out the page ‘One Good Turn Publishing page on this website http://www.hopewithjulie.wordpress.com



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