Plotting stories – Spidergram

Following on from the previous post about getting ideas for titles from alliteration, I am now posting about an idea on plotting your children’s book. I have taken the idea from the current children’s ebook I have started writing.

The idea is to draw a spidergram (it wouldn’t copy the one I had drawn in Word). In the circle in the middle, the spider’s body, you have the theme for the book. Mine is mermaids because the ebook is about a mermaid and her journey of coming of age and realising what she is like and what she needs to be like. You then draw its legs. At the end of these you write anything that comes to mind connected to the main theme. In the body of the spider you will write ‘Mermaids’. By its legs you can have mermen, fish, sea life. You can also have rubbish, hair, singing. Anything connected to mermaids.

So, have a go with the current book you are writing or about to start writing, and see what you can come up with.



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