Writing idea – Magical realism

Today’s exercise is a sneak preview of some of the writing exercises in my exercise ebook I have been working on. This one is for children aged 5-7 year-olds.

A lot of the books I have seen in the shops for this age range are what is called ‘magical realism’. This is magic that happens in the real world. Eg an animal talking. Think of Daisy Meadow and the animal magic series, which I have bought and will read; for pleasure and market research. So, for the next few exercises, that’s what they will be: magical realism. I am going to go another way and use talking flowers. You have to imagine you are 7 years old.

  1. You go into the garden to play. You see a flower which is drooping. You say to it, “Oh, what happened to you be like that?” What does the flower say? Write a page aimed at 5-7s with what the flower says and does. You can name the flower, too.

Good luck with this. Happy writing.


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