Reason 1 for being an indie author

Now that I have given you some writing exercises, I hope they have inspired you to get writing, and maybe be an indie author. This is the first post about why it is good being an indie author. So, here we go.

The reason I love being an indie author is you can write whatever you want, and have the ms as long or short as you want. You can publish short stories to novellas to novels. You can also write whatever genre you want and mix them up (but not too much).

If you are an indie children’s author like me, you can write for different ages. I have written for teens (The Guardian Angels) RAILWAY ANGEL - THUMBNAIL

and for 9-12 year-olds (mermaids). THE QUEST - thumbnail

My next series I will publish, which I have started working on again, is for 7-9 year-olds (my Asperkids). I might go back to writing for 9+ after that, then maybe 5+. I have so many ideas for various ages.

If you write for adults, then you can write for different genres: from historical to thriller to romance.

If you have ideas for different stories, then being an indie author can be for you. I feel that these days, if you are with a traditional publisher, they will want you to write for the same age range or the same genre for them. You can’t branch out.

I shall go back to writing exercises next time.


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