Writing exercise – The production plan

Today’s writing exercise is one with a difference. It’s time to write your production plan for the next 12 months. I don’t know who originally said, but someone said, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So we are going to write a plan for what you are going to write over the next year. I am going to help you by telling you what I plan to write over the next year. Here we go:

Children’s books this year

Books 1 – 3 of my Asperkids series ‘The Rainbow School’. I’ve already edited the first one, and am editing the second. The third I will start writing next month when I am going away on a weekend retreat.

Adult ebooks this year

The 7th and final book in my Geraldine’s Gems magical realism series.

Also, I am continuing writing short stories aimed at women’s magazines and sending them out.

Children’s books next year

Books 4-6 of ‘The Rainbow School

Possibly getting round to rewriting my first children’s book called Rosie and the Sick School. Maybe the second one, too.

Adult books next year

Books 3 and 4 of my other adult magical realism series ‘The Secrets of Singleton.’

Again, more short stories for women’s magazines.

Next year, I also want to go through the novels I have already written and see if they can either be rewritten as children’s books or serials for magazines.

So, if you have an idea about what you want to write, maybe a series, then write it down in a book and keep checking in with it to see if you are on track.

Good luck.



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