Writing exercise – Finding your inner child

Today’s writing exercise is especially for children’s authors. It is one that I got at the writing retreat I went to last weekend at a workshop by Melvin Burgess. It was called ‘Finding your inner child’. What Melvin got us to do was to write down about a group you either knew or belonged to at school. It could be at primary or secondary school.

Did you belong to a group at school? What was the dynamic of the group? Eg who was the leader etc.

The exercise is to write down the group dynamic from your own memories. Go back to when you were there. Think of each member of the group. From what you recall, who was the leader, was there a child in it that was on the edge of it (could have been you). Describe the characters, their appearances and what they were like to the rest of the group eg were they nice, bossy.

Good luck.


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