Do you have a theme in your books?

Hello, there

Following on from my last post to you, I am now talking about having a theme through your books. I think it’s a good idea to have a theme running through your books, then readers can say, “Oh, I know that she writes about (insert theme).” Here are a couple of examples:

My author client is writing children’s picture books that have the theme of nature and the environment in them. The first book is about rainbows and how they are made, the second one will be about how wind is made and what it can do.

From my own books, I feel that all my books, for both adults and children, have the theme of hope in them. The adult magical realism series (Geraldine’s Gems) gives hope to the main characters that they can find love and rebuild a relationship they thought was over. In the children’s books (The Guardian Angels), there is hope for both the teenage angels that they can do good, and hope for the teenagers on Earth that there is something they can do and not get in trouble.

Also with my own books, as you guessed from my last letter, I am now writing about autistic children meeting magical realism that teaches them how to be more confident. This is another theme of hope.

So, when you write your books, think about having a theme across them. It is a good way to get discovered, if you get known for writing a particular topic or theme.

Happy writing.



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