Getting discovered as an indie author – 1

Today’s post is all about discoverability as an indie author. One of the ways to be discovered more is to publish your ebook/book to as many channels as possible, and that includes both digital and print. I think it also depends on what genre you write and what you want out of your books. I write mainly for children now, so depending on what age the books are aimed at, depends on what channel I want to publish. So, if the books were aimed for young children who read more print than digital, then I would want to publish it as POD via Createspace only. For older children 7+ I will do both. Then, if I wanted to try to do lots of school visits, then I would definitely do more print than digital. Though, I will be publishing my children’s fiction to all digital channels, I have read that Kobo is usually for adult readers.

For adult fiction, again it depends on what you want to do with the books. If you plan to host events and talks, then publish it in both POD and digital, but if you don’t want to do events, then digital is for you. If you write romance, then all digital channels is a good bet to do, inc Kobo.

So, if you write for younger children, like my client and I do, then print only is the best bet. If you write for all ages then do both. If you write for adults, then digital and print is a good bet, too.


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