My book readers’ list

Today’s post is promoting my new readers’ list. For those of you who might be interested in when my latest ebook or paperback is out.

I am currently working on the first series of books in a series called The Asperkids series with the tagline ‘Autism meets magical realism’. I am working on the third book, whilst my illustrator has the first for the cover design and chapter illustrations. Here is what the books are about:

‘The Asperkids Series’ is not just for children with Asperger’s Syndrome, it is also for their family and friends. The series covers friendship, school and the difficulties a child with Asperger’s faces, with a positive approach to the disorder’.

I am also slowly putting all my children’s ebooks into print via Createspace, and have recently published my second mermaid story as paperback.

Once I have finished the third Asperkids book (nearly there), I plan to write and publish the 7th and final story in my adult magical realism series ‘Geraldine’s Gem’s’.

If either of these interest you enough to want to know when I have another book out, why not sign up to my reader list at


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