How to get discovered – write a series

Today’s post is all about being discovered again. One of the best ways to get discovered is to write a series so readers can find your book and hopefully want to read your backlist.

If you write for children, think about what you liked to read when you were a child. I remember I loved reading about the same characters over and over. I read books from Mr Men, to Noddy, to Famous Five and Secret Seven.

If you write for adults, think about what you like reading fiction wise now. I like reading either books in the same genre or theme or the same author as I know they write their books with a similar theme. Eg I like reading Nora Roberts’ books esp ones with magical realism and myths in.

I think this is why I now write series for both adults and children because I want readers to like my characters again and again, so if they read one, they want to read the rest of the series (I hope).

So, if you have written one book, think if you could turn it into a series, or write books in that same genre so readers can get to know what you write.

Have fun writing them.


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