How to get discovered – blogging

Today’s post is all about getting discovered again. Another way is to blog, especially if you write about a niche subject. I am going to give a couple of examples, including myself, of people who blog about niche topics.

One author I know has indie published a couple of books (1 fiction and 1 non-fiction) about riding horses without horseshoes. Her name is Linda Chamberlain and she owns her own horses and trains them so she has a personal interest in what she writes. I believe her blog is called ‘The Naked Horse.’

Now for myself. As you may be aware by now, I have started writing children’s books about children with Asperger’s Syndrome, a lifelong disorder that I have. So, I have a personal interest in writing these books. I had started blogging a couple of years ago about living with Asperger’s, but now that I write these books, I blog more about it to make people who might know me aware of who I am and what I am at times. You can find my blog at

So, if you write about a niche topic, it is a good idea to blog about it, too, as a way to get discovered more as an author of that subject. I certainly plan to get known as a children’s author who writes about Aspie children with magical realism.

So, if you write about a topic eg historical events, then you can blog about it too.


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