Writing a series exercise

Today’s post is continuing the series about writing a series. I am going to give you an idea for one, which I want you write a series proposal for. To me, a series is a set of books of 5 or more. I am going to set you the task of writing a proposal for 5 books.

Here is the idea: children with Asperger’s Syndrome often have sensory issues eg find loud noises overwhelms them, or strong smells affect them. So, the challenge today is to think of a series about children with Asperger’s (what I am writing now), give them a sensory challenge and give them a solution as to how them can overcome it. It can be by ordinary life or involve magic. The choice is up to you.

Good luck with this. Let me know how get on. Tell me your ideas by commenting here, emailing me or messaging me on Facebook. If I get enough ideas, I might turn them into a series for you.


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