Write what you enjoy

Write what you enjoy writing. Life is too short to write something that you don’t, or you feel is too much of a slog, or your heart isn’t in it. Why do I feel this? I had some tragic news about a cousin last week. He had been v ill with leukaemia for months. We got a phone call from another aunt to say that he had passed away. Although we knew he was ill, it came as a shock. He was only 54.

This is one reason why I no longer am trying to write romance. I write either children’s fiction about autism and magical realism, or adult magical realism with a touch of romance. I cannot write romance. It is not me. I enjoy what I now write.

So, find a genre that you enjoy writing, and continue with it. If you don’t enjoy it, your readers won’t either. So if you are liking what you are writing, then so will your reader. Don’t try something that you either hate or find too hard. Life is too short.

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