Grab opportunities to promote your book

If you write fiction that has a particular topic to it and can be connected to various organisations, why not grab any opportunities to contact them to help your book. I will give my latest children’s book as the example. Billy and the Sparkling Socks is all about Billy who Asperger’s Syndrome. As I have Asperger’s too, I thought it might be a good idea to find a few organisations who deal with autism and Asperger’s. I have emailed a few of them, and have got a few replies. A couple of them said they only deal with adults but they would keep my book details on record and mention it to any families that could be interested. But one organisation replied and said they weren’t interested in my book but were in me, my diagnosis, what I think about research and how it’s like to be a woman with Asperger’s, mentioning my book at the end. So, I have emailed them to say I would do that. One other organisation sinceĀ got back to me to tell me that they have given me a shout-out on their website and on their Twitter account. That organisation is Autism Connect UK. Anything to raise awareness of me and Asperger’s.

Another way to make connections is to find events where you could promote your book. I am going to use my client as the example. He has written, and I helped publish, his first children’s picture book. He used to be a children’s entertainer so has the right skills to be among children. Without my help, he has found near him children’s party groups and booked himself to go there to promote his book. I say kudos to him.

I am going to use myself here again. Another opportunity I have taken up is with the local community library I often visit. I know that every year they organise fayres, esp at Xmas, so last time I was there I asked about the date, which I was told. I then emailed the librarian I know to book me and my client a table for the day. She has.

So, if your book has a topic in it, could be Asperger’s, could be horses, find opportunities and events to promote your book. Also, make the most out of your local libraries. I have found that community libraries are more helpful to me than public ones.


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