How to get discovered – guest blogging

I am back talking about how to get discovered as an author and blogs. This time it is all about guest blogging, that is being a guest on someone else’s blog. I know all about this as I was a guest on someone’s blog last weekend and it was a success for them and for me. The author’s blog was Wendy Clarke, who write stories for women’s magazines and she offered me the slot as she has been inspired by my writing motivation with Asperger’s. The way it worked was that she emailed me the questions, I saved that into a Word document, typed up my answers and emailed it back with photos of myself and my latest book.  Since I guested on the blog, Wendy has had 1000 page views, although I haven’t  had a sale on my book ‘Billy’ from it, yet. Although, I think someone you read the blog did contact me via FB, and has since bought One Good Turn and downloaded Railway Angel. You can read the blog and the comments it got at…/writing-with-asper…


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