Another publishing change – women’s magazines

Today I am going to tell you about another change in publishing, and this one affects anyone who wants to write short stories for women’s magazines. Just before Xmas last year, I found out through a Facebook group that Take a Break’s Fiction Feast were no longer accepting stories from new authors, and from authors who had only had one or two stories accepted by them. This caused a lot of fury. They only take stories now from their ‘preferred list’ of authors – that is authors who have a certain number of stories published by them over the last 2 years. They have done this because they say they get so many stories that they can’t read through. It is not just authors who have been affected; their fiction editors who were there have been given the chop, too. They only have one person now to check stories. They also say they can’t afford to pay a team to check all stories coming in.

So, that’s one less magazine that is available to us. My Weekly has the same policy, too, from 2009. There are still 4 magazines out there, though: The People’s Friend, The Weekly News, Woman’s Weekly and Yours. I am now concentrating on writing for People’s Friend and Woman’s Weekly, and have just posted a story to them this morning.

Next week there will be a writing exercise, so plenty of time to find that thinking cap.



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