Writing exercise – Sci-fi idea for me

Today’s post is a writing exercise that I want your help with. As well as trying to write fiction for women’s magazines, I also want to try to write short sci-fi stories. I already have one idea for a story, which I will write soon (want to enter a story competition first) but would like more. Yes, I know I might be a glutton for punishment. Thinking about science, I have realised that it is behind a lot of things we either use or eat/drink. Here is a list of things I thought about:







Cosmetics, lotions etc

The future

So, I want you to think of an idea for a sci-fi story that features one of the above, and has a good person and a bad person. Eg the bad person is attempting to harm everyone and the good tries to save us. But what happens next? It is up to you. Give me a brief summary of your idea, and I might turn it into a story to write.

Good luck.


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