Discoverability – Local businesses

I have found another way to get discovered, esp in your own area where you live. Connect with any local businesses where you shop regularly and have made friends with the owners/workers. My example is our local garden centre which is just a few minutes walk from my house. My mum is a keen gardener, so we go there often to buy plants etc and we know the people who own it and work there. We chat to them in a friendly manner and have a laugh with them at times. Anyway, in the recent past, I have managed to get them to display promo stuff for my books, so when we went over there on Sunday, I thought, let’s take a poster promoting my library event and ask. So I did. One of the family who owns it asked me if I am on Twitter, I said yes. She said that if I follow them, tweet about the event, then they can retweet it for me. They took the poster to display. So, that morning I tweeted about connecting with local businesses putting their Twitter name with it. Later I shall tweet again but about the event.

So, if you know of any local businesses who might help you promote your books and you can connect with them on social media as well as face to face, then why not ask. I did, and I have Asperger’s Syndrome.


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