Writing a series – pointers

Today I am going to be talking about writing a series. This is one way to keep your readers entertained and with you for years. I have written a few for both adults and children, and have found there are a few pointers that writers should do when writing a series. Here is what I think you should keep in mind:

1. Have at least one character the same in each book of the series.
2. Keep the same premise and storyline in all of the books.
3. Keep the same format to the story. Eg If book 1 has both showing and dialogue, keep the rest of the series the same, and don’t make say book 2 mainly dialogue.
4. Have similar covers.
5. Have the same font type on the covers

All of these will let the reader know they belong to a series. And, they are helping you build a brand. You can see what I mean about the ‘having one character the same in each book’ with my adult magical realism series ‘Geraldine’s Gems’ (will be redoing covers so they are all similar) and you can see by all that I have said above from my YA series The Guardian Angels’. All my ebooks are available on Amazon or Smashwords.

Now go forth and write a series. No, see if you can plan a series with these pointers. I plot out each series before I write Book 1.


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