Writing a series – titles

Today’s post is again about writing a series. This one is about titles. It also has a quiz and prize with it.

So, when you are writing a series, the titles of each book should either have the same words in eg in my Guardian Angel YA series, they all end in Angels. The Railway Angel, The Racing Angel, The Railracing Angels, The Leaping Angels and The Fire Angels.

Or, they can have different names but must connect to a similar theme. I am giving another of my series as an example, and this is the quiz and prize. The series is my adult magical realism one called Geraldine’s Gems. The first one is called One Good Turn, the second is A Trouble Shared. As you probably have guessed by now, they are shortened versions of well known phrases/sayings. Here is the quiz for you:

One Good Turn

A Trouble Shared

More Fish in the Sea

Don’t Get Mad

Life in the Old Dog

A Friend in Need

Birds Flock Together

They are all the ebooks in the series. But can you name all the correct and full sayings? The first person who contacts me with the correct answers will win a free PDF version of One Good Turn.

Good luck. Look forward to hearing from a winner.


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