Amazon and your book price

I am back to let you in to something that I recently found out about Amazon, which some of you might not know about. Last weekend I discovered that Amazon had greatly reduced one of my children’s books. I was furious as I hadn’t been informed about this by them, so I sent them an email. Then I mentioned this on a FB group I belong to who are mainly authors. Someone came up with an idea that I ended up doing, and not to worry about it. Here is what they had to say:

They said to take advantage of the low price and stock up with more yourself to sell on. I thought this was a good idea and did do this, buying 5 copies to add to my stock. You might be paying the low price, but you still get the right amount of royalties which I will get.

The other thing I thought of afterwards (and that always happens, doesn’t it? Get the great idea after the event), is that I could have promoted the book at the low price to people to drive sales of it. So, if this happens again, I will do just that, as I would if my ebooks were in KDP Select and you had a promo on.

So, if this happens to your book, don’t seethe, get promoting and stocking up. Take advantage of what Amazon do.

There you have it, another way to promote your books when it happens.


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