Know your rights

Or it could be called ‘Know you’re right with rights’. I am talking about rights in contracts for either magazines or publishers. I am also talking about what is called ‘all rights’ and ‘moral rights’. I might have told you previously about all rights contract with women’s magazine Woman’s Weekly. That issue is still rumbling along as a lot of authors who are regular fiction writers for them won’t continue with their contracts with the magazine. All rights means that the magazine will take your story and keep all rights for it and it will no longer be your story to do what you want to do with. The magazine can do what they want with it instead and not pay the author. This is also moral rights. So if you get a contract from either a magazine or publisher and they ask for all rights and/or moral rights, you have two options: 1 to negotiate for first rights, or just outright say no.

There are two books that help explain rights really well. They are:

The Magic Bakery by Dean Wesley Smith

Closing the deal on your terms: Agents, Contracts and other considerations by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

I have read both these books and highly recommend them if you want to know more about rights, esp if you are an indie author, like me. They are good reads if you are traditionally published too.

Happy reading


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