An incentive for your readers

Sorry I haven’t been here recently but my mental health hasn’t been great recently, and I’m still struggling at times. You can read some of it here

Anyway today I am going to talk to you about giving an incentive to your paperback reader at events. How about printing off the first chapter of your book with the copyright page and cover as a free incentive to readers at events? Some readers might look at your book and are not sure about it, but you can have a copy of the first chapter to give away for free, saying, Here is the first chapter. Have a read and if you like it, then you can buy it. Good idea?  I have done this for my children’s books because I was at a pop-up market and someone came to look at my Rainbow School books but wasn’t sure about them, so I printed off the first chapter and gave them to the person. It might lead to a sale later on. Maybe not from that person, but someone they know that they have mentioned your book to them.

So,  next time you take part in an event with your books, have a printed copy of the first chapter ready. If you see someone looking unsure about buying, give them the free chapter and see what they say. You never know.

Good luck.


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