Amazon and your book price

I am back to let you in to something that I recently found out about Amazon, which some of you might not know about. Last weekend I discovered that Amazon had greatly reduced one of my children’s books. I was furious as I hadn’t been informed about this by them, so I sent them an email. Then I mentioned this on a FB group I belong to who are mainly authors. Someone came up with an idea that I ended up doing, and not to worry about it. Here is what they had to say:

They said to take advantage of the low price and stock up with more yourself to sell on. I thought this was a good idea and did do this, buying 5 copies to add to my stock. You might be paying the low price, but you still get the right amount of royalties which I will get.

The other thing I thought of afterwards (and that always happens, doesn’t it? Get the great idea after the event), is that I could have promoted the book at the low price to people to drive sales of it. So, if this happens again, I will do just that, as I would if my ebooks were in KDP Select and you had a promo on.

So, if this happens to your book, don’t seethe, get promoting and stocking up. Take advantage of what Amazon do.

There you have it, another way to promote your books when it happens.


Give readers extra information

Sorry not been here recently but been busy with writing. So, what do I mean when I say ‘give readers extra info’. It can be anything related to your book. It can be a quiz, an activity, interesting facts about the characters or country in the book. I can give you a couple of examples:

1. You can check out the ‘health facts’ page on my website These are health facts related to the characters in my Rainbow School series.

2. Or they can be put in the back of your book before your personal details. Eg in the Winter Animal series by Holly Webb she has put interesting facts about the characters and animals that feature in the stories. So making it educational as well as fun to read.

3. Another way to do this is to create either leaflets about one aspect of your book or an entire non-fiction book to go alongside the main series. Eg I am creating an guide on coping with anxiety to go with the Rainbow Series, and have printed out a one page leaflet based on it to sell at events about autism.

So, you have three ways to give extra info to your readers. Have a think about it and see what you can come up with.

Does your book cover reflect its genre?

This is mainly for adult fiction authors. Do your covers reflect the book’s genre? I have found that this isn’t true for one of my adult ebook series. I had recently read a magical realism book for adults, and saw that the cover was so good and showed its genre. I then put the question with my covers to a Facebook group, who came back to me with a resounding no, they don’t show magical realism. So, I am going to revamp the whole look of the series to do this, slowly over this year.

My advice would be to check on Amazon similar authors to what you write and revise accordingly.

Watch out for new covers for my Geraldine’s Gems books

Find your writing happy

What do I mean about find your writing happy? Well, find what you are most happy writing and continue with that. This is what I have found for myself recently. I find I am happiest when I write magic realism, magazine fillers and now poetry. If short stories are magical realism too, then it’s a bonus. This is why I am sticking with writing magical realism books for both adults and children, and writing and submitting fillers to magazines. I have already had two filler successes. I had a letter in the Daily Mirror a couple of weeks ago winning £5 (which I got the next day), and if you get Writing Magazine, check out page 8. You will see my name there.

So, if you enjoy writing short stories for women’s magazines then continue doing so, esp if you have been published with them. If you enjoy writing a certain genre then continue with that.

Whatever you write, good luck with it and enjoy the success that comes with it.

Writing goals – Do something different

Happy new year.

What are your writing goals this year? Why not try doing something different?

If you write fiction for adults, try a story for children.
If you write for children, try something for adults.
If you haven’t written poetry before, then try that.
If you write long fiction, try flash fiction.

I have been writing poetry, and have sent one to one magazine, and two to another, and will be entering a competition. I have also started a flash story. We shall see what happens. I decided to try a new writing route after not having much success with short stories.

So, give it a go. You might find a new creativity like I have.

Good luck.


Merry Christmas with present ideas

Merry Christmas, everyone

I hope you all are coping OK in this cold weather. Anyway, as this will be the last email newsletter of this year, wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and give you ideas for presents if you are still stuck.

Do you and the little members of your family read? If so, then you will find plenty of inspiration for ebooks and books on my website As I write for both adults and children, you will find ideas for children aged 7+ to teens, and if you’re an adult and like friendly ghosts that gives hope to others, then there are my adult series ‘Geraldine’s Gems’ and ‘The Secrets of Singleton’ both have a touch of magic in them.

So, here’s to a lovely Christmas to you all.

News, news, news

Did I tell you that I have some news? Lol. I have. I know that a few of you either aren’t on Facebook or don’t go on there that often, so thought I’d tell you here. I have had two writing successes recently.

1. I got Star letter in Top Sante magazine (out now). I win a beauty product set worth over £100. I have yet to receive it, but when I do, I will take a photo of it and put it on FB.

2. I have sold my first short story to a magazine. The magazine is in S Africa. So, if you live there or know someone who does, look out for a story called ‘Granddad’s Wand’. I will get paid for that too. Because I have sold this one, which is a ghostly story,  I have been writing another one in a similar theme.

So, if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying. I did with my short stories.